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Mouthwatering Food Without Leaving Your Home

The personal chefs at The Black Fox Company, near Chicago, Illinois, love to bring their culinary expertise to your kitchen. We also have public relations experts on our team who excel at promoting your personal brand to the world.

Perfect for Your Event

We understand that you have a busy schedule. Save time by hiring a personal chef to cater your next special in-home event. Your friends and family members are sure to be impressed by the delicious food, and you'll love the simple and stress-free process. Our chefs for hire are the perfect option for any event, including:
• Book Club Meetings
• Sister & Friend Parties
• Bible Studies
• Private Dinners
• Cocktail Parties
• Summer Cookouts

People Preparing Dishes

Keeping Your Diet Organized & On Track

Planning a daily menu is a lot of work on top of your other responsibilities. Allow us to lessen your burden. Our professional chefs do more than just cook tasty food. They also help you with menu planning, food preparation, grocery shopping, table setting, kitchen decorating and organizing, and kitchen cleaning.

Professional Chefs

Working Within Your Budget

The average family spends $80 per week (or $15 per day) on takeout food. Hiring an in-home chef is the perfect way to spend this money on healthier options. Becoming more financially conscious is important for everyone—why not start in the kitchen? We know that everyone has a different amount of money to work with. Therefore, we're dedicated to providing many different options to suit all budget sizes.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

Experience restaurant-worthy food at your own dining room table. Our chefs have all earned a culinary degree and are successful trained cooks, restaurant owners, and catering professionals. Our excellent team of culinary experts gives you the freedom to choose from many different cuisines, including:

American | Jamaican | Caribbean | West African | French | American Southern | Pastries